Wide Selection of Drapery Fabric and Hardware

Installing Draperies and Window Treatments in Indianapolis

For over 70 years, Aero Drapery has been providing high-quality, stylish draperies to Westfield and the greater Indianapolis area. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we supply selection for our customers with numerous fabric sample books. At Aero Drapery, you can find the perfect fabrics to pull your house together with designs that are elegant, modern, and colorful. After helping you select your fabric, we use our own quality controlled workroom to produce your final product. You can also select lining for your draperies that would add additional benefit of temperature or light control. The thermal lining available in our shop will protect areas of high heat or cold. Meanwhile, blackout curtain lining benefits areas of tremendous sun exposure that shorten the life of draperies, carpeting or furniture that is exposed to full sun.

Improve Your Interior Design with Custom Drapes

Draperies offer utility, purpose, as well as an opportunity to express yourself through color, design, and overall room harmony. To create a perfect look for your room, the existing decor and interior design should be considered. Whether you are handpicking your custom drapes or would like to work with an experienced interior curtain designer and installer, choosing draperies that match or complement your interior design will bring a renewed flow to the aesthetics of your living space, effortlessly.

Along with your draperies, make sure to envision the types of curtain hardware that would best suit your ideal look or design.

While draperies truly transform the look, and feel of a room, the hardware you choose is just as important. Our curtain and custom drape hardware selection includes: Decorative Rods with Finials/End Caps, Traverse Rods, along with many other specialized curtain rod styles. Although these aspects of your newly installed draperies are typically less noticeable, the entire system and all of its parts work together to create a perfect, all-inclusive appeal based on its looks and functionality. Having been in the custom curtain business for years, Aero Drapery knows that nothing can make a beautiful set of drapes more irrelevant than the way it functions.

In many cases, inadequate curtain functionality is due to poor installation. For this reason, our curtain designers will take accurate, individual measurements for each room and window to guarantee that your final draperies, top treatments, and other specialty window covering selection are perfectly placed and installed to compliment your home and lifestyle.

Custom Drapery Installation

The final step in the process is providing only quality installation. Aero Drapery has decades of experience and uses the most precise tools needed for a seamless installation. When it comes to window treatments, style and color is only half of the presentation. Off-center, crooked, and lopsided placement can completely take away from the attraction. Having them perfectly placed, level, and secure solidifies the beauty of your draperies. Not only does professional installation offer the best look possible, but it also provides safety. When your custom draperies are properly installed and secure, you can be sure they will stand the test of time. Our installation process is quick, efficient, and always professional.

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